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She Festival 2013

The SHE festival is a promenade art event created by women from different creative disciplines including theatre directing, video art, photography, writing, stand-up comedy and performance art. With the guidance of a group director, each artist expresses and interprets the subject of the event in her individual performance space.

The audience splits into groups which then move between the rooms and see the event's theme reflected in different stories and languages of art.

FRAMES is the exhibition I created for the last event: TO BE HIS DAUGHTER, which examined fathers-daughters relationships. My photography exhibits were accompanied by an audio playback of me talking about both my father and our unique family structure which influences the relationships within.

In these photographs I try to frame the closeness vs. distance dichotomy found in every family, through the specific situation of my own. For me, the topic TO BE HIS DAUGHTER, is inseparable from our family structure; namely my identity as an adopted child, and my father's as an adoptive parent. This topic also connects to my older brother, who was also adopted and was crucially injured in a car accident. Since his life-changing accident, we are all tied to caring for him, and this dominates and influences every dynamic within our family portrait.

These frames reflect the closeness within the distance; the similarities and differences between us as well as the loyalty, the privilege and the burden that goes with being his daughter.


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