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Good Virtue / מידה טובה

Personal Exhibition 

December 2015, Tel-Aviv




Personal Exhibition

SHE festival - To Be His Daugther

Artistic Director Dorit Nitai Neeman


May 2013 - June 2014

Tel Aviv / Leeds


Personal Exhibition

Photography & Video art Erika Linor Kutzuk

Sculpture Eran Kutzuk 


December 2012

Tel Aviv


Group Exhibition

Curating and exhibiting along with  Asaf Brenner, Jonathan Marx, Samuel Vengrinovich.


December 2011

Tel Aviv



Social Art project :

YOUth Curating photography works of youth at risk

December 2014, Tel Aviv


Israeli Art worldwide exhibition

Curator Lee-More Kohen :

Art About Group Exhibition

September 2014, Munich.


Multidisciplinary Art Events from Meow Kacha Platform

Artistic Director Alexa Christopher-Daniels : 

Relationship / Between Love, Light and Darkness

January 2013, Tel-Aviv.

INsight-OUTsight / The little search 

August 2012, Tel-Aviv.


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